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Mandala LL-15 Night Session

Night Session – Mandala NFS

Do you find yourself restless?   Feeling uncomfortable?  Right now I do because I don’t feel comfortable where I’m at.  It’s like shedding of my skin and now renewing myself to the next level.  The question when it first starts is,  what is going on?  Why am I getting  kind of crabby and am disjointed in my thinking?  My thoughts go all over the place.  Why am I doing what I’m doing?  I wear myself out.  What is eating me?  Finally I realize what the matter is.  I’m GROWING!!


Where Do I go From Now To?

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‘I live in the desert and I get cabin fever.  So I get stir crazy and start thinking too much.   That is when I get into trouble.  Does that happen to you?  I haven’t written for a while because   I  think, think, think  I need to be inspired.  The reality is if I just start to write or paint the words will flow or the colors start to magically appear.  Why do I waste the time thinking instead of doing?  I’m basing my thoughts on feelings and when I’m stir crazy my feelings are all wrong.  I question most everything.  Having faith helps me through this nagging and now I can start to settle down, relax and just go with the flow. I don’t have to know where do I go from now to?

on YouTube Lori Landis

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I’ve really been blessed.  I’ve had such wonderful events that I didn’t pay for that came to me unexpectedly. Yesterday featured my work and she asked me.  Phoenix Home and Garden published 2 of my paintings within this last year. Scottsdale’s cox communications government channel did a 30 minute segment on me and I was on the Hallmark channel in 2004.  I’m just amazed how when I’m depending on God even though I still put myself out there.  I’m meeting great people along the way. What a fantastic journey this is. Image

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