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It’s A New Day, New Way

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Branching Out

Branching Out

Loving seeing in a new way the flowers, trees and plants this spring.  Having the freedom to breathe and enjoy.  The last three years spring was just a season with allergies.  This year without the burden of having a gallery I’m almost giddy with the freedom to really enjoy spring.  Don’t get me wrong there is a reason for everything that I have been given to do by faith.  Now with this season of growth I can celebrate.  I’ve been doing my new website  and painting on “The Garden Of Eden” in a new way.  Maybe that is why I’m seeing really seeing spring.



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It’s Amazing that I’ve had my gallery for three full years. But times are a changing and me too. God has directed me to move on for new vistas. Closing is a lot of work but it is cleansing at the same time. I have been releasing a lot of stuff. Right now I’ll be showing my art in a storage facility and painting in my garage until God show me where to go next. I’m so relived not to have to be open. Now I’ll have time for updating my website Email me at

An Idea flies like the butterfly

An Idea flies like the butterfly


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An Idea flies like the butterfly

An Idea flies like the butterfly

An Idea flies like the butterfly

The journey continues with your belief and faith in God and yourself. With all the external chatter out there of negativity, you have to have the strength and boldness to move forward.
If I didn’t have my faith in the Holy Spirit I would be defeated before I start. Life is always going to hand you lemons but together with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit you can have peace for whatever comes your way. Leave the bad behind and focus on the good.

Where Do I go From Now To?

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‘I live in the desert and I get cabin fever.  So I get stir crazy and start thinking too much.   That is when I get into trouble.  Does that happen to you?  I haven’t written for a while because   I  think, think, think  I need to be inspired.  The reality is if I just start to write or paint the words will flow or the colors start to magically appear.  Why do I waste the time thinking instead of doing?  I’m basing my thoughts on feelings and when I’m stir crazy my feelings are all wrong.  I question most everything.  Having faith helps me through this nagging and now I can start to settle down, relax and just go with the flow. I don’t have to know where do I go from now to?

What’s Next in the Journey?

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Dreamcatcher 12 x 12 collage

I know many are writing goals for 2012.  I too have some ideas because I want to know what’s next on my journey.  Belief and hope are part of the process.  One goal is about clarity. Sometimes I can go around in circles and confusion and never see the bigger picture.  I can be blinded by old patterns of thought.  That is why I request clarity. I cannot do my  what God has given me to do, my art , and still think the same old way.  My journey is different than your journey so I cannot try to do it your way or someone else’s way.  Each step is new and scary sometimes.  It’s like exploring new territories.  So today I prayed for clarity and get the knowing of what’s next in my journey.

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