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Relaxing by Playing with Paint

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This summer has been a blessing even with some minor physical problems.  It caused me to really listen to the Holy Spirit and be quiet.  I am content more so than I’ve ever been.  I’m playing with paints and the images are coming out so differently than the plainly abstract that I usually do.   I don’t question it  I’m just playing with paint and not questioning it.  Aspen trees I just love so here are 2.  They range in price.  Aspen Leaves 16x 16_edited-1 Aspen Love 12x 12_edited-2


It’s A New Day, New Way

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Branching Out

Branching Out

Loving seeing in a new way the flowers, trees and plants this spring.  Having the freedom to breathe and enjoy.  The last three years spring was just a season with allergies.  This year without the burden of having a gallery I’m almost giddy with the freedom to really enjoy spring.  Don’t get me wrong there is a reason for everything that I have been given to do by faith.  Now with this season of growth I can celebrate.  I’ve been doing my new website  and painting on “The Garden Of Eden” in a new way.  Maybe that is why I’m seeing really seeing spring.


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An Idea flies like the butterfly

An Idea flies like the butterfly

An Idea flies like the butterfly

The journey continues with your belief and faith in God and yourself. With all the external chatter out there of negativity, you have to have the strength and boldness to move forward.
If I didn’t have my faith in the Holy Spirit I would be defeated before I start. Life is always going to hand you lemons but together with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit you can have peace for whatever comes your way. Leave the bad behind and focus on the good.

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