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Joy to You and Me

Posted in Acrylic abstract Paintings, Arizona, color, creative journey, Faith and Hope, Journey of Art and living on December 17, 2015 by lori landis art

It’s amazing how the commercials are more joyful around this time of year.   It’s good will to all men and women no matter what.  That is what the relationship to God and Christ is all about.  It isn’t about religion but the walk we do each and every day. That understanding is Joy is My Strength_edited-2what we are called to do for others as we do for ourselves.  Yes the religious get caught up on the do’s and don’ts  but God wants us to see more in each individual.

We all have troubles that is the human quotient but how we handle those troubles with humility and  great attitude.  So as the Holy Spirit reminds me ” Get your big girl pants on” and tackle each day with joy the rest will make each much easier. So I’m sending joy to you and me!

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