Time Is Precious

It’s funny how we humans view time and how we waste it.   This journey and time are precious.  Are you aware about time?  As i enter my 70’s I’m much more aware of the breeze coming through the window and the aroma of newly cut grass.  I’m grateful for all my faculties to be able to notice the laughter of a child.

I’m grateful too for this mission God gave me of being an artist and hopefully an encourager.  What a blessing!!   please e-mail me at Lori@LandisArt.com and let me know of how precious is YOUR time for you.  This painting is called “An Uncommitted Day”

An Uncommitted Day

24×24 acrylic


2 Responses to “Time Is Precious”

  1. Completely agree. I love this painting…so tranquil and calm.

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