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Pursuing Excellence

Posted in Journey of Art and living on July 23, 2013 by lori landis art

Just watched a movie about Winslow Homer.   A famous artist from the 1850’s to 1909 who made wonderful paintings of life and daily living. He was  an advanced thinker of social change.


Homer loved depicting women and children and the landscape.   He went from tight wonderful paintings to full of life loose watercolors that were amazing.


I’m striving to find that elusive way for me to portray my expression.  It’s a struggle.   First of all,  I don’t do landscapes because of my inability to hold my arm up for any time.  I did abstract landscapes in my series “The Beginning of Light” the 1st week of Genesis.  It was very tiring for me physically.  There are 7 paintings 60×30.   I had that series in my mind for years but finally


painted them in a years time finishing up in 2013.   It’s on You Tube under Lori Landis art.  It takes years and years of constantly slowly moving forward in my depicting my heart through my art.


English: Fox Hunt (1893) by Winslow Homer, oil...

English: Fox Hunt (1893) by Winslow Homer, oil on canvas, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



America, Where Art Thou?

Posted in Journey of Art and living on July 2, 2013 by lori landis art

I’m grateful to live in this country and I don’t like it when people tear it down and insist that we’ve got to change the Constitution to fit their their own self interests.  This country is changing so much and by trampling on the Constitution we won’t recognize it.  It is heading toward an un-United States.   Being hateful and calling each other names quashes civility and really solving the problems.  Take the time to work slowly and thoughtfully.   

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