Feeling Renewed

After a rain is over do you feel renewed?  I know I do.  The air is clear and sparkling and smells wonderful.  I feel the the same way when I spend time in the studio and my paintings sing



to me.

I feel refreshed.  The same happens when I’m with people I care for and I can help them or they help me.   I like spending time with uplifting positive people and I hope I spread that upbeat feeling to  people that come to my studio/gallery.   Many times people come in feeling  frustrated with their lives  because they are not creating.   All they need to turn that around is an encouraging word

to look on the brighter side and maybe go home refreshed and renewed too.  Help people that come into your life to feel renewed.  It helps both you and the other person.


3 Responses to “Feeling Renewed”

  1. Larry Landis Says:

    Simply said.Its amazing what can be done when you get out of the way.You know who

  2. Excellent post Lori! I completely agree with you. When we give of ourselves, the rewards are infinite for both. Love the “Mists” painting in this post too!!!

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