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Peace of Mind is a Choice

Posted in Journey of Art and living on September 20, 2011 by lori landis art

Looking To Fly SOLD

Here I am going through my e-mails, new advisements on how to make my website or blog better and confusion gets in my head.  Instead I choose to be content and have peace of mind by walking away until I’m truly ready to deal with that information.  I can let all the jabber and chaos enter my mind and get really frustrated or recognize that I don’t need to do all that the “advisors” tell me to do.  I’m realizing that much of that stuff isn’t necessary to my well-being or business.

Peace of mind is a choice that I need to make every day so I can live a life of joy and contentment.  Isn’t it amazing that we have that choice?


Gearing Up for Fall & Showing in Magazine

Posted in Journey of Art and living on September 8, 2011 by lori landis art

Tasty Mellow Notes

The  month of August was a time to concentrate on painting and my husband’s health.  Now I’m gearing up for fall.  What is it that after a long hot summer you’re ready to  start moving and as the saying goes, grooving.  I guess, it’s when we were kids we were ready for school in September, the same goes for us as adults.   This summer I’ve painted over old paintings that I didn’t like anymore. There are many I would never paint over because I love them so much but others that don’t speak in my language  yes language anymore.   My art is my  favored communication besides my blog.

Phoenix Home and Garden featured one of my paintings in the September issue p. 130.  I just hung my new show for September.   Pictures will be on my art statement page after I get them on there of my website  Then I’m going to make my e-mail newsletter.  Lots to do and I’m excited. Oh, I’ll be teaching classes on color and how it affects your life.   So if you want to sign up for my newsletter or my classes, e-mail me at

What are you gearing for this fall?  It’s really a great and exciting time of the year.

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