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Be Still and Know (this is for all)

Posted in Journey of Art and living on July 14, 2011 by lori landis art

Mandala- Open to New Possibilities NFS

It seems that most of us are rushing around doing lots of mundane things and thinking we are accomplishing so much.  I’ve done busy work. Now I’m connecting with being still and have a quiet knowing.  Listening to my heart instead of to my head provides a wider view and then the confidence of doing just what is needed that day.  Remembering to live in the present. That is all the time we’re given and I don’t want to spend it in regrets.   It is the confidence of doing your very best today and feeling joy in the process.  So cutting down on facebook , twiiter and all that stuff frees my mind to be clearer about my life  not someone else’s life.  The only relationships that are valuable are the ones that are developed over time     So be still and know that your heart is in the right place and have  peace of mind and joy today.

The mandala is for meditation and ways to get ready for my day.  In my gallery this month is my show called “Sacred Mandalas” .  I’m also teaching veterans this month “Color My World” in connection with

“American Healing Arts Foundation”.  This service is free to veterans.

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