The lowdown on my absence

Garden Of Growth NFS

I’ve been very busy with redoing my website.  I had a great webmaster ( Pete Fellner for 9 years.  He’s gotten busy going back to school.  So I decided to do my own website. If I hadn’t been forced to go to an IMAC , I wouldn’t have done it.  The people at Apple were so helpful.  I was able to make my new website look similarly to my old website.  I made the pictures of my paintings bigger, I included  many  new pages, Pictures of my new studio on Main St in Scottsdale a slideshow, and a video of me on the Hallmark channel. Now I still have problems with that but hopefully fix it this weekend when I spend 3 hours at the Apple store .  It’s taken much time but It’s like taking a college tech class.  It’s been very interesting.

I love learning new things.  Mostly I love learning about expanding myself.  So check out my IMPROVED website and give me your thoughts.  I’d love to them.


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