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The lowdown on my absence

Posted in Journey of Art and living on April 27, 2011 by lori landis art

Garden Of Growth NFS

I’ve been very busy with redoing my website.  I had a great webmaster ( Pete Fellner for 9 years.  He’s gotten busy going back to school.  So I decided to do my own website. If I hadn’t been forced to go to an IMAC , I wouldn’t have done it.  The people at Apple were so helpful.  I was able to make my new website look similarly to my old website.  I made the pictures of my paintings bigger, I included  many  new pages, Pictures of my new studio on Main St in Scottsdale a slideshow, and a video of me on the Hallmark channel. Now I still have problems with that but hopefully fix it this weekend when I spend 3 hours at the Apple store .  It’s taken much time but It’s like taking a college tech class.  It’s been very interesting.

I love learning new things.  Mostly I love learning about expanding myself.  So check out my IMPROVED website and give me your thoughts.  I’d love to them.

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