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Life is More Than Half Full

Posted in Journey of Art and living on March 22, 2011 by lori landis art


Swinging High NFS

Attitude is everything. If we approach life with arms open wide we get a more fuller life.  I know that personally in my own life.  Having been in a dysfunctional family and having polio and losing the use of my left arm plus other things could  have made me a bitter woman.  But I’ve been blessed a thousand times over with my family and having the chance to express myself through my paintings, my blog and teaching. That’s called passing it on.  Everyday when I hear a bird singing, looking at the stars, smelling freshly mowed grass, I’m grateful.  I’m aware of disasters but I’m not going to let the negativity pull me down.  It doesn’t help anyone to be a sourpuss especially yourself.


So if you let the sunshine in your heart, Life is more than half full.

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