Where My Heart Is


Golden Icon 36x24 acrylic & gold leaf $1800

It’s amazing how we get off track so easily. I realized this week where my heart is.  I used to spent many, many hours a week painting but I had gotten out of that habit and into the habit of business, like social media and networking and cutting back on painting.   I wasn’t having any fun on the business side and on the painting side.  What happened to me? Has that happened to you where your priorities have shifted and not for the best?


I love to create with paint but little by little I was trying to create a business model that didn’t sync with who I am which is first and foremost a painter.  Then things get lopsided and then more unhappiness with myself and who I am.  I have cut back considerably with social media for one thing and spending more time in the studio.  I don’t have a computer or anything there electronic to distract me. What a relief!!!.  So I’m back to where my heart is and loving the time and space.


6 Responses to “Where My Heart Is”

  1. Oh myn gosh I LOVE this!! Good for you. I miss you so I just need to call and catch up.

  2. Oh, Please do!!! We need to get together again.

  3. I’m thrilled for you Lori! Its great to have your priorities in order.

    Many hugs,


  4. Thanks Sally! hope you are doing well.

  5. Lisa Dolan Says:

    It is a constant discipline to bring yourself back to where you need to be. Good for you Mom!
    Love Lisa

  6. Thank you my lovely daughter. write here your blog address.

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