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Where My Heart Is

Posted in Journey of Art and living on February 23, 2011 by lori landis art


Golden Icon 36x24 acrylic & gold leaf $1800

It’s amazing how we get off track so easily. I realized this week where my heart is.  I used to spent many, many hours a week painting but I had gotten out of that habit and into the habit of business, like social media and networking and cutting back on painting.   I wasn’t having any fun on the business side and on the painting side.  What happened to me? Has that happened to you where your priorities have shifted and not for the best?


I love to create with paint but little by little I was trying to create a business model that didn’t sync with who I am which is first and foremost a painter.  Then things get lopsided and then more unhappiness with myself and who I am.  I have cut back considerably with social media for one thing and spending more time in the studio.  I don’t have a computer or anything there electronic to distract me. What a relief!!!.  So I’m back to where my heart is and loving the time and space.


Spending Time With Yourself

Posted in Journey of Art and living on February 3, 2011 by lori landis art


Dancing with Joy 36x12 acrylic on door

Getting caught up with all the wonderful things on the web? It’s tempting but I’m finding I need to spend time with myself.  All the noise is coming from the outside and I need quiet to really look at my goals and be specific.  In the art world with all the changes that came with the recession, I’m finding out that most all the rules are changed.  So how to be specific and move forward in these changing times?  The question is, What do I want out of my career?  Sales yes, but how do I go about it?  My first step is have a studio where I can open it up to the public but also have my studio time. Check!  Now what is next? Do I get on multiple websites, which I have. Teaching yes. Direct mail, yes. But where I have fallen down is follow through. Anyone that sells anything falls down on that score.


So thinking outside the box, how can I get further in my career?  What do I want?  Specifically. That is why I need to spend time with myself.

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