You know it’s right

Mandala NFS

Mandala nfs

How many of us struggle and struggle and then everything comes together very easily and you know it’s right.  That’s how it felt when I moved into my studio,  all within a short time frame, someone recommended movers, I found a new art rep (Herman Otto) and was in and open for art walk night.  That sounds magical and it was a gift from God.  I’ve been busy getting ready for two events at the studio.  Sending a release to the media for an open house, figuring out my budget.  You get the idea.  I paint and love to visit  during Art Walk night.

I believe I am very blessed to have found this studio.  Since I’ve let go and let God handle my career the burden is off my shoulders.  That’s why I know it’s right.


8 Responses to “You know it’s right”

  1. Karen (Cousin) Says:

    I love what you wrote on your studio website. I wish you the best. I love the studio. LOL

  2. Thanks Karen. Come again.

  3. Lisa Dolan Says:

    That’s the spirit!!!!!!! Good luck to you in your preparations! By the way, the mandala you posted for this blog is really quite cool! Might look good in my kitchen…or the one called Buttons a few postings ago… hint hint hint…

  4. Lori,

    Your blog is very motivating. I have never met you but, can relate to your experience. Everything has not comes together for me at this moment . I have faith that my time is soon and I too will be feeling the joy and celebration of my art with other people.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Corinne, I am glad that you received motivation. We all need it from time to time. You must have much patience to do your beautiful beadwork. Have a prosperous November!!

  5. Hi Lori,
    I’m the “media” you sent a release to. Wanted to let you know I’m trying to get a notice in the Scottsdale Republic for Nov. 11 to tell people about your open house. Good luck and please send any future press releases at this address:, 602-444-6863.

  6. Lori — your words were my words echoing from my heart — I shall stop by and see your beautiful works and meet you soon — I miss being represented in Scottsdale — I was on Maine Street for over twelve years — and would love to be back. Your show will be a tremendous success.

    Diane Leonard

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