Taking A Step of Faith in Business

Opening The Window 40x40 acrylic and pumice $3200Stretching myself by taking a step  of faith in business by getting a 600 square foot studio on Gallery Row in Scottsdale.   After my surgery I had a lot of time to rest my brain.  I wasn’t trying to do or think anything but to heal.  It was a wonderful relaxing time to regroup and not pressure myself.  I could let go and let God take over.  Then wonderful things started to unfold before my eyes.  My husband and I looked at that space last year but “thought” it was too much but now that I think in prosperity I could “think” it isn’t “too” much.  Isn’t amazing on how somehow my thinking changed!! Once that changed other opportunities arose.  I’m so very grateful to God for all  the opportunities and people that I’m coming in contact. 

Redirecting your thoughts by changing from bad thinking to stepping out in faith is so very important in your life and business. Go get ’em!!!!!!


8 Responses to “Taking A Step of Faith in Business”

  1. Betsy Lewis Says:

    Congratulations Lori! I live so much more fully the less I “think”. I seem to do better by intuition Have fun filling your new studio with new work. I hope it starts to feel like too small of a space soon!

  2. Thanks Betsy, It’s so good to hear from you!

  3. Awesome!! What a great attitude, you are a real inspiration!

  4. Aw Shucks Arliss, thanks!

  5. Hey, Lori, everything just seems to work better when we let go .. someone quoted that God is the best networker around, just have to ask and it shall be delivered in the perfect time.

    Congrats on your Studio

  6. Hello Lori,
    Sorry for just now getting here. I guess better late than never huh. I am very happy for your new studio and wishing you the very best in it! I know you will knock em dead! Your works are amazing,I just drool over those. God is a sure thing…

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