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Revamping my Thinking

Posted in Journey of Art and living on September 14, 2010 by lori landis art

Southwestern Joy 36x36 acrylic $2900You know I can get stuck  in an old way but I see unless I revamp my thinking,  I won’t be going anywhere meaningful.   Taking time to do the quiet time needed is more difficult than I thought.  I started  to go one way like this morning but I ended up cleaning out my art drawers which needed attention then I went to 2 exercise classes this morning lunch then went to the store.  How did that happen and here it is 2:00 already?   I tried to do that yesterday too.  I got myself sidetracked by investigating a studio opportunity, lunch with an art friend, which I always love, then husband asked to go to the cigar place to hang out so I thought I’d go someplace quiet and I ended up having a glass of wine and just enjoying that.  I guess it depends on how I want my journey to be.  I can either get intense and worry or know that I’m living the best life I know how at this moment. 

Okay okay, you think I’m a procastinator but the will is to be aware and ramping up my thinking is part of that.


My Fire is Ramping up

Posted in Journey of Art and living on September 9, 2010 by lori landis art

Joyfilled Thoughts III 12x12 acrylic $500

Since I’ve been recovering, my fire has been low. But feeling a whole lot better and because the end of summer is near, my fire has been ramping up.  I had wondered where it had gone.  I had been painting some and refining an old series that I had not really shown anywhere and still working on.  I’ll be posting those when I finish up the series.  It’s amazing to me how our mind works.  I needed the down time mentally, spiritually emotionally and physically to get renewed.  We all do.  What do you do to renew and to refresh?

I now am looking for a new studio that is much bigger because I have a painting that is five feet by seven feet that i can’t work on at home.  I’m excited all over again. looking forward to new ideas, new goals and my fire is ramping up.

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