I forgive myself making mistakes

Yin & Yang a balanced life #6 36x24 collage $2200

Yes, I did it! I made a  mistake sending out my newsletter.  I did send a test newsletter.  I then sent my e-mail  newsletter to 170 people who gave me permission.   What I sent had gobbly goop on part of it.  The e-mail service as I found out later said I had Skype in my browser that caused the problem.  You know what I did? I didn’t bemoan the fact, I just said, “Oh well”.   I used to get so upset  when things like that happen.  We hold ourselves up that we have to be superman or woman and that isn’t going to happen.  We are human and we have to really love ourselves especially when making mistakes. 

Don’t let mistakes take away your joy in the process, laugh it off and start again.  I forgive myself making mistakes.  You can too.


One Response to “I forgive myself making mistakes”

  1. Lisa Dolan Says:

    Atta girl! I am sorry I was the one that alerted you to the gobbly gook! 🙂

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