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Don’t be “poor me” Wimpy!

Posted in Journey of Art and living on April 30, 2010 by lori landis art

Joyfilled Thoughts I 12x12 acrylic $500

It’s so easy to look at your artwork piling up and get discouraged.  I know when I’m not feeling good or I’m tired I get the “poor me” wimpy attitude. I don’t get that way much anymore just when I’m vulnerable.  I bet the same goes for you.  I’m blessed beyond belief but if I focus on the thing that isn’t going so good, it becomes much bigger than it needs to be.  Then everything is covered with a gray look.

But I can’t be defeated because I have a mission given to me later in life and that is creating art to bring up the energy in the world.  I need to put on the armor of God and be strong and determined.  Okay now that I’ve had this little talk with myself I can breathe in the energy to keep on keeping on.  No more “poor me” wimpy!  Are you up for the challenge?


Discipline is not a dirty word

Posted in Journey of Art and living on April 21, 2010 by lori landis art

Mandala- We are Living! NFS

Listing all the things I want to accomplish this week I get tired.  That is where discipline comes into play. Having excitement in what you do can make doing these projects easy.  If you’re not having fun it can be just another long day.   So I’ve entered a juried show which took me three hours to do because I kept making mistakes but I kept at it until it was done.  I’ve entered another show and did all the paperwork for that.   I’ve signed up for that is like constant contact but doesn’t cost anything up to 500 names. ( i have done my own newsletter for years but I’d rather have it done) ( it also lets me know who has opened the e-mails.)  I have a list of people who have signed up for my newsletter and need to put in computer.  ( I have 180 names for e-mails and 84 snail mails.)( Ionly send a newsletter every 1-2 months)But the most exciting thing I’m doing is a 5ft by 7ft painting that I’m taking pictures each step of the way. 

So if I’m working toward my goals discipline is not a dirty word,  it is a freeing word.

Doing Stuff you don’t like to do

Posted in Journey of Art and living on April 10, 2010 by lori landis art

Mandala - Making Sense NFS

You know when you sit down to do marketing and social media and all the stuff you don’t like to do, it feels so overwhelming.  I’ve decided that I’m turning over a new leaf and change my thinking.  I believe that I can enjoy the process knowing it brings me one step closer to my goals.  I can change my attitude even though nothing else has changed.  What happened?   I was listening to Joyce Meyer the other day and she said you can rest in your soul while doing what you need to do just resting in God. Of course there was more but the Word said have a light heart.

So I’m doing another mailing and just enjoying life. Maybe it’s Springtime. The word is JOYfilled.

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