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Raining Positive Vibes

Posted in Journey of Art and living on February 16, 2010 by lori landis art

Zen Spirit 60x36 acrylic, gold leaf $4800

As you probably know it doesn’t rain much in the Sonoran Desert where I live in Arizona.  It’s very hot in the summer but lovely in the winter.  I live on the upside of the McDowell Mountains.  I also live in the upside of my heart.  Ever since I decided to not listen to old recordings in my head of negativity, I live with positive vibes.

 I’m having a solo show in Scottsdale at ArtSpace gallery next week and I’m jamming to get new paintings ready, writing my theme statement “My Thoughts Revealed” and will be the guest with Renee Phillips of on her blog “  I also will be teaching mandalas and about art for an elderhostel the first week in March. Whew, how blessed am I?  It all came together just in a month.  If you are thinking with the upside of your heart, it will be raining positive vibes for you also.


Determined Dream

Posted in Journey of Art and living on February 10, 2010 by lori landis art

Mandala- Feeling Alive! NFS

I watched Joyce Meyer  this morning and she talked about being relentless in going forward in your journey.  I know that faith in your dream can be elusive sometimes but not impossible because of you and me  taking action. It may take years and years but the lessons about ourselves and others are invaluable.  It isn’t the end of the journey but the journey itself that is rewarding.

I used to be a person that lamented this isn’t working and that isn’t working, but guess what?  Nothing works when I’m in that frame of mind.  So I mostly stopped   letting outside stuff  affect me.

Now each day is a lovely day and I am blessed with a wonderful spirit!  I can create! How wonder filled is that!

Just Wanna Have Fun

Posted in Journey of Art and living on February 2, 2010 by lori landis art

Mandala- Talking Together NFS

You know the song “Girls just wanna have fun”?  That is what my daughter and I want to do.  She’s from Minneapolis and here in Sunny Arizona for a week.  We are pretty quiet gals and don’t hardly drink so what to do?  She’s been very busy with her career, remodeling her upstairs with her husband, raising our  granddaughter, plus moving her office to her  home.   So what looks like fun to her is doing a 1000 piece puzzle, going to mom and pop bookstores, going to a casino show, walking outside in the great weather and having great food!  Funnily, that is great with me because we have that quiet time to talk and let down our hair although I now have short spiky hair so that might be hard.

Being with Lisa, who just turned 40, makes me content and so very grateful and joyful and what fun that IS.  That is what us girls call fun.

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