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“My Thoughts Revealed”

Posted in Journey of Art and living on January 26, 2010 by lori landis art

Sky Dreams 13x11 acrylic on paper $500

I have many diverse thoughts doing painting.  I can either  paint what I want to paint or what galleries want and sometimes it is a mixture of both.  But  as an abstract artist I have more leeway.  I experiment as much as I can within my health boundries or money boundries.  I’ve covered over some paintings that I had grown tired and some that I have never shown to the world that are  so totally different and the world has changed somewhat.

Next month on Feb 25th 2010 at ArtSpace 7127 6th Ave  Scottsdale AZ  I will be having a solo show of many of my diverse thoughts.   After dealing with sickness the last month and a half maybe I can get going and just enjoy all the fun!


Social Media- does it do it’s job?

Posted in Journey of Art and living on January 13, 2010 by lori landis art

Swimming Upstream 39x15 acrylic on door $1900

On my previous blog, “Where are we Going?” I talked about dropping out for a while and not spending time  “doing social media”.   A facebook friend Tamara Ann Burgh wrote, “how did you feel dropping out? Relieved? Negligent? Productive artistically? How do you feel about coming back?”.  These are great questions,Tamara,and I did feel relieved.  The pressure of doing social media is getting almost too much.  As far as being productive artistically,  that is more about the discipline of being in the studio doing something most days.  Otherwise, anything and everything can throw you off your stride.

I question the word “social” in media because I’m of the opinion that a phone call can reveal more about a person than a few sentences in twitter and facebook.  The media is coming at us so fast you really have to discern where you want to spend your time.  It’s easy to write a few words and think that is doing your marketing for you.  I would like to know how everyone else is doing and if the “social media” is doing it’s job? Please comment.

Where Are We Going?

Posted in Journey of Art and living on January 6, 2010 by lori landis art

Garden of Growth 36x24 NFS

It’s easy to get confused with all the chatter of social media.   That’s why I’ve dropped out basically for over a month.  Being in front of the computer drains my energy and my creativity.  I’m now going to take it easy for a while and let the Spirit move me into  doing more art which makes me happy.   The business end of my career I’m going to do some direct mail and see where that takes me. 

As I’m getting older and hopefully wiser I choose to let life flow through me, through my art, through relationships with myself and others and with God.

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