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Emanio, To Flow, To Originate

Posted in Journey of Art and living on August 28, 2009 by lori landis art
Infinite Mandala NFS

Infinite Mandala NFS

While in the high mountains , I loved watching and hearing the Little Colorado River flowing downstream.  I loosen all the restraints of who I was to who I am through my creativity like painting, writing, teaching, speaking, marketing and promoting.  The Latin word Emanio means to flow, to originate.  I’m turning myself loose and seeing what flows out of me.

As a Virgo I’ve put on myself that I “had” to do work that galleries want, and I started to constrained myself for the perfect painting.  After watching the river flow, something moved inside me freeing me to just be me and Emanio to flow to originate.  To just enjoy the process of  doing all the above with abandon and joy.


Time To Fill Up

Posted in Journey of Art and living on August 10, 2009 by lori landis art
Mandala Aligning My Heart NFS

Mandala Aligning My Heart NFS

I don’t know if it’s the weather or or all the social media I’m doing or promoting my class “Finding Your Creative Self” but I’m tired.  Oh,  I’m starting an exercise program too and watching what I eat and drink.  Busyiness is not next to Godliness unless you pace yourself.  I need a break soon! 

I haven’t a clue of what path my art is going to take.  Taking myself away is the time to fill up with nature and dream and breathe. I haven’t even done much on all the media.  If I quiet myself I can listen to the Holy Spirit touching my soul and rejoice again in my art work and feel peace.  So we’re going to the mountains soon (can’t wait) and sit by a stream and have one cup of COFFEE.  Little pleasures mean a lot.

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