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Vulnerability and Creativity

Posted in Journey of Art and living on July 26, 2009 by lori landis art
Center Within 36x12 acrylic on board $1800

Center Within 36x12 acrylic on board $1800

Opening your heart and soul to the Spirit and being vulnerable to feelings can bring magic to whatever you create.  I watched “So You Think You Can Dance” last night and was so touched by a dance called “Breast Cancer” by Tyce Diorio.   The dancers had tears after they finished, the judges cried, I cried. It was beautiful and showed vulnerability at the same time.  When I create I want the magic to come from The Source.  Have you created something that wasn’t really you but it was so powerful it took your breath away.

I believe that is why we are co-creators.  Our mission is to uplift not just ourselves but the world just by creating.  I have had that experience of someone who stood in front of one of my paintings and felt that Spiritual connection and told me  it brought  her to tears.  That is only once that I’m aware but it doesn’t happen unless you are being true to yourselves by being vulnerable and balanced.  I had lost that part of me until I started working with a Spiritual coach and now I’m working with a Body Talk coach to heal my body.  Balance brings me back to my Center and there is where I create.


Wording a Title

Posted in Journey of Art and living on July 8, 2009 by lori landis art
Cathedral pastel acrylic Sold

Cathedral pastel acrylic Sold

Naming the title of my class in September is difficult.  I had put down “Using Art to Find Your Authentic Self”.  It might not be the best.  What if some people don’t find their true self.  I thought of “Using Art as Meditation” but many people don’t meditate.  Then how about using this title “Using Art to Declutter Your Mind”?  I could go further but the point is this. I need to be true to myself when I teach.  

My purpose in teaching is to help people release themselves of old thoughts and find joy and purpose in their lives by just thinking creatively.  It’s thinking outside the box.  So when I title something I want to reach people that are ready to grow in their Spirit. So what words should I use  in my title for class?

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