Free to Fly

Going Deeper 5x7 inches acrylic

Going Deeper 5x7 inches acrylic

An artist friend loaned to me a 2 CD set of Michell Cassou workshop.  She and Stewart Cubley wrote a book that I had read moons ago called “Life, Paint and Passion”.  Both the CD’s and Book talk about letting go of what you think SHOULD be  putting on the canvas and letting your authentic self take over without censoring yourself.  This, I believe, applies to everyone no matter what you do.

Bad self talk can be crippling.  I’ve have to deal with that my whole life.  After having polio at 7 and my left arm paralyzed and my mother making a big deal about it all the time I covered up my true feelings about myself but like a caterpillar coming out of a cocoon and turning into a butterfly I’ve become that authentic someone that I enjoy no matter what I do.  That leaves me free to fly againt all odds.  What a moment!


5 Responses to “Free to Fly”

  1. What a great post Lori. I think we all struggle with that negative self talk. I am happy your butterfly has emerged and so beautifully too.

  2. Love the post. So true about the negative voices. Maddening. But you are such a beautiful person inside and out!!

    I have wanted to go to one of Michell Cassou workshop forever, at least 10 years, and now I see she is offering one in LA in December at the Zen Center. I’m really thinking hard about taking that one. We should go…


  3. Lisa Dolan Says:

    I am really loving the positive entries! I think it must be good therapy for you too!

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