The Snowball Effect

Flying with Joy diptych 40x60 acrylic,heavy gel $6500.00

Flying with Joy diptych 40x60 acrylic,heavy gel $6500.00

I know, I know, it is summer and no snow. Cool your jets because what I’m talking about is about attitude. A few years back I had a huge studio and the Chamber of Commerce and the Scottsdale Center of the Arts asked me to be on their Culture Quest Tours.  This was exciting which led to a producer for The Hallmark Channel coming through and producing a 3 minute video for the channel’s “Faith Streams”.  (You can see this video on my website, I was thrilled but still my belief in myself and my art was low.  I was in galleries but still that nagging feeling of unworthiness was still there.

I moved my studio back home and I retreated further and further.  Finally, I asked help from God and the Universe and a Spiritual coach came into my life and space. We talked every day for 10 weeks, every day! That turned me around and set me on my feet. Now I am happy for each day and grateful.  I just moved into a shared studio space and with a great career to look forward and onward.  So the Snowball effect goes both ways, down or up!


5 Responses to “The Snowball Effect”

  1. That’s the spirit!

  2. Hi Lori,
    You truly are an inspiration for me. This post is so timely and it has a great deal of meaning for me.
    All the best!

  3. Lori, This is so true. Looks like your “downward snowball” melted. Yea summer heat!

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