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Choosing My Thoughts

Posted in Journey of Art and living on June 30, 2009 by lori landis art
Centering 36x12 acrylic, copper and silver leaf $1800

Centering 36x12 acrylic, copper and silver leaf $1800

We seem nowadays to be available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, putting our thoughts outside of ourselves.  I have joined networking groups just to get my name known.  Any business tries to market themselves but am I stealing from my inner self?  There is a balancing act to be sure.  Knowing who you really are and choosing  thoughts that are grateful and just glad to BE helps.  Just being aware keeps negative thoughts from taking root.  Believe me , I learned that the hard way.

I taught and teach classes on “Using Art to find Your Authentic Self”.  It is thrilling to see someone have an ah-ha moment.  From then on the search goes on for that person to knowingly choose their thoughts and being true to themselves.


Free to Fly

Posted in Journey of Art and living on June 22, 2009 by lori landis art
Going Deeper 5x7 inches acrylic

Going Deeper 5x7 inches acrylic

An artist friend loaned to me a 2 CD set of Michell Cassou workshop.  She and Stewart Cubley wrote a book that I had read moons ago called “Life, Paint and Passion”.  Both the CD’s and Book talk about letting go of what you think SHOULD be  putting on the canvas and letting your authentic self take over without censoring yourself.  This, I believe, applies to everyone no matter what you do.

Bad self talk can be crippling.  I’ve have to deal with that my whole life.  After having polio at 7 and my left arm paralyzed and my mother making a big deal about it all the time I covered up my true feelings about myself but like a caterpillar coming out of a cocoon and turning into a butterfly I’ve become that authentic someone that I enjoy no matter what I do.  That leaves me free to fly againt all odds.  What a moment!

The Snowball Effect

Posted in Journey of Art and living on June 11, 2009 by lori landis art
Flying with Joy diptych 40x60 acrylic,heavy gel $6500.00

Flying with Joy diptych 40x60 acrylic,heavy gel $6500.00

I know, I know, it is summer and no snow. Cool your jets because what I’m talking about is about attitude. A few years back I had a huge studio and the Chamber of Commerce and the Scottsdale Center of the Arts asked me to be on their Culture Quest Tours.  This was exciting which led to a producer for The Hallmark Channel coming through and producing a 3 minute video for the channel’s “Faith Streams”.  (You can see this video on my website, I was thrilled but still my belief in myself and my art was low.  I was in galleries but still that nagging feeling of unworthiness was still there.

I moved my studio back home and I retreated further and further.  Finally, I asked help from God and the Universe and a Spiritual coach came into my life and space. We talked every day for 10 weeks, every day! That turned me around and set me on my feet. Now I am happy for each day and grateful.  I just moved into a shared studio space and with a great career to look forward and onward.  So the Snowball effect goes both ways, down or up!

Being Aware

Posted in Journey of Art and living on June 3, 2009 by lori landis art
Sunstorm 5x7 inches acrylic

Sunstorm 5x7 inches acrylic $175.00

Being Aware can mean many things.  One is safety, one is carefully driving and so on.  But what I mean is awareness of who you are and the ability to only act and not react.  When we react we make major mistakes. I’ve made huge mistakes because I wasn’t paying attention or because my ego got in the way.  Take deep breaths before any reaction because what is coming to you may be the best  for you.  Enjoy the journey and don’t take it too seriously.

I moved into a new shared studio last Saturday. It will take getting used to painting in the studio with  another person  who I just met.

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