Questions, Questions a Thousand of Them

Zenb World Unstretched canvas 39x39 acrylic $3000

Zen World Unstretched canvas 39x39 acrylic $3000

Artists come up with a thousand questions to figure out who, what, where, why and how to be an artist especially a selling artist. We come up with what our goals are, the ability to express ourselves with our art, the technique, our business acumen and so on.  The major flaw  is the questioning ourselves and not  having belief in our abilities and the stamina to do it all.

Confidence comes with age(sometimes), your years as an artist, and continuing sales.  Many,many people in the know have told me how wonderful my paintings are and the feelings they get when looking at them.  But with this economy my sales have slowed down but here is the way to look at the question.  Maybe you and I haven’t been exposed to the right people to get the sales, so why question yourself and feel lacking.  There is abundance in the air. I feel it all around me. So when thinking with joy and feel everything will fall into place,  neither you nor I will not have to question anything but enjoy the ride.


3 Responses to “Questions, Questions a Thousand of Them”

  1. Great and timely post Lori. For the past 6 – 9 months I’ve been trying what I call the ‘shotgun’ approach for my marketing. I have been enjoying the ride, as you recommend. Met a jewelry artist at Art Hop in Monument last night who said the sales from her work is finally supporting the business. I am ready for that day. However, when I look at where my business and work is currently, compared to where it was this time last year, I feel like I’ve advanced by light years. 🙂

    Your advice is great and I know you are right. Thanks.

  2. Great topic!

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