Is Passion out of Balance?

MoJo 39x15 acrylic,gel on door $2000

MoJo 39x15 acrylic,gel on door $2000

I just finished reading Susan Vreeland’s book “The Forest Lover”. It is a good read just like all of Susan’s books.  It is a somewhat fictional account of Emily Carr who lived in the first half of the 20th century. It talked about her passion and williness to live through tremendous hardships sometimes to do her art.  She was compared to Georgia O’Keefe.  I looked at them both and how much they gave up to be great artists.  The all-consuming passion to be alone and get their work done for the most part.  Are we as artists today willing to giving so much to our passion or realize this is a journey and we can have happiness with our passion by balance in our lives?  I was so intense for many years but it didn’t get me what I wanted, which was acceptance by me for me.  Now thatI ‘ve gone through the dark part, I can choose to be happy today and everyday.  My art has changed too. How thrilling!


6 Responses to “Is Passion out of Balance?”

  1. Lori,
    What a fantastic painting on a door. I’m sure you’ll sell it. I love your blog and your art. Thank you for sharing both with us.

  2. Lori, Great! I’ll check the book out. I’m glad you are happy!

  3. Lori, I can’t wait to get the book. Sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing your art and your wisdom.

    Arliss (AJ):)

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