Time Flies By

Ducking The Issue 22x30 acrylic on paper $1400

Ducking The Issue 22x30 acrylic on paper $1400

Truly time is a precious commodity so why do I waste it?  I have good intentions with a list and then I get interrupted.  The interruption is really not that urgent.  I guess I’m procrastinating or maybe I’m not sure of what I want to accomplish or I’m just not focused.  Moving forward in anything requires we take time to think and then act.  Time flies by and the day is over.  I have 4 big things to accomplish today.  1. This blog whch I enjoy doing.  2.  Enter business cards to my e-mail list.  3.  Finish up my newsletter.  4.  4. Write a letter to the new collectors.  

To think about what I’m doing takes a lot of thought.  Whoops I’ve thought of a couple of more things plus I have to run out to the West End art Museum and give my donation of a piece of art to them. What do you do to get things done? Please comment.


2 Responses to “Time Flies By”

  1. I LOVE the duck! Really like it A LOT!!! Put it on FB!!!!

  2. I love the art on your blog!
    What do I do about time?
    I try to be conscious of my actions and decisions, to stay in the moment. I often ask myself throughout the day, is this what I truly want to be doing right now?
    I also use a cooking timer for my consultations.
    I keep a record of how long projects take that I repeat often so I can foresee for the next time.
    This also helps to calculate my hourly rate.

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