I feel it in my bones

No, I don’t mean pain.  I mean that this year if we all think positive, our days wil be filled with a lightness instead of a heavy heart.  Attitude plays a big big part on how I live.   Being in the moment and choosing not to listen to the mindless chatter in my mind, helps me to focus on whatever I’m doing  with joy even if is cleaning the toilet. Okay not the toilet so much.                                                                  I’ve decided  to help others on their path by teaching  art marketing, finding your authentic self through art and beginning art with acrylics and color.  

This year is going to be the best ever in my endeavors because I feel it in my bones and I am grateful.


One Response to “I feel it in my bones”

  1. I am feeling the same way about the new year. So glad to hear of all your plans, what a positive way to start 2009. Good luck with the new blog.


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