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Planting Seeds to Meet New people

Posted in Journey of Art and living on January 27, 2009 by lori landis art
"Flight Towards Wisdom" 58X60inches acrylic $6500

"Flight Towards Wisdom" 58X60inches acrylic $6500

It’s very easy for artists to become insular and not meet new people. That’s a shame because you don’t know if you will be helping a new person or they might be helping you on this journey.  Your thinking becomes a little twisted if you are only thinking your own thoughts.

 Books do help though.  I just read Louis Lamour’s “Lonesome  Gods”. Tremendous thought and philosophy and really good reading at the same time.  Saw the other day “Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand.  I had read the book twice when I was in my twenties but it had so much more meaning during the courtroom scene about keeping your integrity and being true to yourself.  I don’t know what happened but I just started bawling. 

This is what I meant about meeting new people and planting seeds of discovery in your mind. Meeting new people in books or thru coffee whatever but start that seed planting.


I’m a Virgo and organized-HA!

Posted in Journey of Art and living on January 21, 2009 by lori landis art

dreamcatcher-12x12-acrylic-pastel-1As a Virgo, who is supposed to be organized,  I say HA!

I’m working on different projects.  So my desk gets jumbled just like my head.  I do my blog once a week, mostly, an educational chairmanship for an art guild, type for my husband’s business. Since I have my studio at home I’m doing stuff around the house plus most importantly paint. So my desk looks like a train wreck right now.As a virgo it bothers me.  I write lists.  I’m cleaning out my files too.I know every person goes through this and I am very sympathetic to you all. We’ll get through it.  It just takes focus.  I guess that will be my theme this year.   The painting is called “Dreamcatcher” 16×16 $1200.00

I feel it in my bones

Posted in Journey of Art and living on January 12, 2009 by lori landis art

No, I don’t mean pain.  I mean that this year if we all think positive, our days wil be filled with a lightness instead of a heavy heart.  Attitude plays a big big part on how I live.   Being in the moment and choosing not to listen to the mindless chatter in my mind, helps me to focus on whatever I’m doing  with joy even if is cleaning the toilet. Okay not the toilet so much.                                                                  I’ve decided  to help others on their path by teaching  art marketing, finding your authentic self through art and beginning art with acrylics and color.  

This year is going to be the best ever in my endeavors because I feel it in my bones and I am grateful.

2009 and raring to go!

Posted in Journey of Art and living on January 5, 2009 by lori landis art

Are you excited like I am to kick start 09?  Plans and goals are in the works to make this a banner year for Last year was a year I needed to improve myself mentally and spiritually.  Art careers take a strong mental , physical and spiritual strength.  I had done a lot of  work for my dreams and I needed the time to rejunvenate myself.  Now is the time for action. I’ll be teaching classes  and getting a new studio. Can’t wait.  Didn’t realize how I had pulled away from everything when I moved my studio back to my home.  I lost interest in the art scene in the community but have joined a new group and plan to meet up with other artists again. So you’ll be hearing my name again really soon.

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