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The Spider Web and me

Posted in Journey of Art and living on June 30, 2008 by lori landis art

That is what I call the internet. The spider web where you can go deeper and deeper and it has spun all kinds of things to get into. Learning more about that can add to confusion unless I’m careful. My main occupation is painting but I can get into the trap of the web and lose time and energy.
Today I’m working on a 5’x5′ unstretched canvas. I’ve painted it and laid it aside rolled up. Now I’m really to do more to it. I’ll add pieces of beads, strips of other painted canvases whatever calls to me. I’ll leave the web till later this evening.
The painting is 24×36 acrylic. I did this a while ago and did some reworking. $1800.


just a little "magic"

Posted in Journey of Art and living on June 26, 2008 by lori landis art

Painting today and overpainting some work I’ve done previously. The process is sometimes never over. Paintings don’t feel right at some point and I have do new completely or paint out some and cover that part. I have to rest some paintings until I intuitively am ready for them.
People ask, “how long does it take to do a painting?”. It’s not a flippant answer when an artist says hours, days, months, or years.
There is a little “magic” flow to the process.
“Jumping Through Hoops” Hope you love this. We don’t have a dog of our own but here’s one in my mind’s eye.

Thought into Action

Posted in Journey of Art and living on June 24, 2008 by lori landis art

Thoughts are a dime a dozen but when I turn that thought into action then I progress into what I can truly be.
The temperatures are high in Arizona for June. Thank God and Carrier for air conditioning. Carrier put his thought about air conditioning into action and voila, we are cool. Don’t bemoan the state of your career make the change with action.
The image is “Energy Flows” triptych-16×16’s acrylic,4×4 canvas and stone $2800.00
I looked and felt the stone on the lower right hand corner and painted the landscape of the stone.

The Truth Can Set You Free

Posted in Journey of Art and living on June 16, 2008 by lori landis art

The truth, what is it? The older I get I realize I’ve been unsure of myself and my gifts. I’ve been given all the gifts in the world that I need as a human being and artist. Acknowledging them and going with that truth does set me free. I am unique and so are you.
Belief in oneself and having faith that everything works for the best is a blessing because I don’t have to think in terms of struggle but in terms of freedom. Truth does set me free.
This painting is NFS.

Morning Coffee

Posted in Journey of Art and living on June 13, 2008 by lori landis art

There is something so good about waking up and having the first cup of coffee. Oh wait, the coffee has lost its’ zing. Where is coffee that has the aroma and taste that it used to have? That’s disappeared but I still drink the coffee because of habit or lack of thought. Am I really unaware of what I’m doing?
I’m working on changing habits or patterns to give my life the zing. I’m so grateful for each morning that yes I’m drinking that first cup of coffee this morning but it’s an expresso just for the change. Enjoy your coffee.
The painting is “Red Sky” 9×12 then it’s framed acrylic $850.00

Boundless Thoughts

Posted in Journey of Art and living on June 9, 2008 by lori landis art

I’m at a stage where I’m not bound up to useless thoughts but instead “Boundless Thoughts”. What a freedom that is! I’m looking at a picture of a nautilus shell that is not only beautiful but comes from the core and goes to infinity. As an artist I not only connect through my writings but through my soul onto my paintings. I’m free to think and act with “Boundless Thought”. It’s almost scary to think that BIG. The painting is called “Going Deeper” 5×7 acrylic on canvas $295.00.

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