Getting my Footing

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Getting My Footing

Getting My Footing

I’ve had a lot of changes in my life in the last 4 months and I’m approaching it as an adventure and a shake -up to my old way of thinking.  I’d like to shake up the way people perceive me too.  I’m working on a new lighter website to show my newer work and some older work.  Here is the kicker though I now depend on God to show me the way to do my daily living.  My thoughts are so much brighter and more about love.  It’s the trust that sets my footing.

Discover Lori Landis

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I don’t know about you but I’m discovering and using social media.  So I’m asking you to discovering my page on Facebook called Lori Landis.

I’ll be offering specials from time to time.  I’m also on, and under Lori  Landis. Have a fun time.  If you get on my page on Facebook I’m offering this original for $95.00  It’s called “Bird in Hand”  Happy Hunting!

Acrylic 11x5 1/2 on paper

Acrylic 11×5 1/2 on paper

Time Flies By

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It is amazing to me how each day flies by.  I have a general plan in place and then a miraculous thing happens.  New things pop up that I wasn’t expecting.  Since closing the gallery there is a new freedom of being able do and think in a new way!  I’m a little giddy!  Maybe it’s about springtime!! Maybe it’s the new living space.  Maybe it’s the growth I feel in my walk with God.  It doesn’t matter because I’m very grateful for it all.   The last three springs I didn’t feel this way because I wasn’t feeling free.  As an artist independence is a thing we crave.

This spring is a new renewal in my Spirit that I love and the times fly by!

Sweet Carrots

Sweet Carrots

Part of the series Trail of Green

Posted in Journey of Art and living on February 11, 2015 by lori landis art
Those three 10x10's acrylic canvas wrap are part of 6.

Those three 10×10’s acrylic canvas wrap are part of 6.

SDC10955 SDC10952

Step by Step

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I’ve never been one to go step by step.  I just plunge in and go go go,   but since my move I’m relishing the step by step process.   Why was I in such a hurry before?   My mind got in such a muddle and negative thoughts came rolling in.    If I get very tired THOSE  thoughts follow me again.   If I take things step by step I slow down, I do a better job and I can listen better to God.  Then peace flows like a river through my body mind and spirit.  I then am standing in Gratitude step by step.

Trail of Green 10x10  acrylic canvas wrap

Trail of Green 10×10
acrylic canvas wrap

Betwix and Between

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The end of 2014 is here and I’m in betwix and between 2015 and new adventures!  The end of my era as a gallery owner after 3 years on Scottsdale Main St. came the end of October when my lease was done.  That day I was so tired that I tripped and broke my tailbone. It has been painful. My focus hasn’t been the art business because I have another move and am packing up boxes.

After two months of laying and sitting and really wondering where I was going, at 2am I got up and made the start of a map.  I decided to use the free form instead of bullet points.  This map going from the center with lines going out is my way of seeing what options I have.   Of course, this is a journey with many twists and turns.   I humbly ask for help.   Whether you know someone who could help me or you yourself please e-mail me.  I’m looking for corporate clients and even Stationary stores and even social media or newsletter person.

My artwork is in corporate collections on the east coast and been in galleries from coast to coast.  take a look at

My first gallery sale 2000

My first gallery sale 2000

Resting and Waiting

Posted in Acrylic abstract Paintings, Journey of Art and living, Spiritual journey on November 18, 2014 by lori landis art

Closing the gallery took a lot out of me including my broken tailbone.  It’s been 3 weeks and a very slow recovery.  But I don’t mind because I know God has something wonderful ahead for me.   When I have pain I’m not able  to try to “figure” anything out but to rest in my mind body and spirit.   So in the next few weeks I’ll be working and improving my website.   Maybe next week I’ll go to my storage unit and straighten things out.

My artwork is still available and if you need a commission let me know.   I’m going to enjoy and have a feast of life.  Hopefully you feel that with my paintings.  Go to or e-mail me at: 



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