Developing Relationships

Posted in Acrylic abstract Paintings, Arizona, color, creative journey, Faith and Hope on August 7, 2014 by Lori Landis

It seems that as we get more into the technologic age we don’t really develop relationships with humans but only with the computer and internet. It’s sad.
Have you noticed that your power on facebook is dwindling. You are not reaching all that are on your list. It’s like pushing a noodle up a hill.
Stagnation is rearing it’s nasty head. Where are we really learning or growing in friendship? Are we developing more and more face to face relationships?
Are we fooling ourselves? Wake up and realize that we are losing touch and ask yourself is this what I want?



Trying Too Hard?

Posted in Journey of Art and living, Spiritual journey on July 7, 2014 by lori landis art

As I pursue my goals sometimes I get in my own way by trying too hard.   The intense feeling blocks me from thinking great thoughts.  I get confused because I’m not listening to the Holy Spirit.  So I take a deep breath and slow my mind.  Peace is that place I can achieve when I pace my thoughts and think what does God want me to do.  It relieves the intensity and now I can relax and move on.  I really don’t have to try too hard just trust the answer is there.

Yin and Yang a balanced Life #6

Yin and Yang a balanced Life #6

Ups and Downs in Life

Posted in Journey, Journey of Art and living with tags on June 11, 2014 by Lori Landis

Working through the ups and downs in life can sometimes take a toll.  But  if you have peace in God  that seesaw becomes joyful with twists and turns and great surprises.  I was watching this morning a program about mentoring young adult artists and the various arts they are participating in and heard something I haven’t heard in a long time.  It was the song  “The Impossible Dream”.  It brought me to tears.  What a surprise!!! The words were so moving about creating.

Looking at my art I can look with new eyes.  I’ve been called to make the best art I can make without thinking about sales but just about my connection with all humanity and love!!  Yes, I can make art with great love. There will be trials to strengthen me but the ups and downs will  level out with that love and peace.  This painting is called “An Uncommitted Day”.

An Uncommitted Day

24×24 acrylic

Left Behind in the Tech World

Posted in Art filled Thoughts, creative journey with tags , on May 26, 2014 by Lori Landis

It seems that there is so much going on in the tech world and I’m not keeping up.  I’ve tried various avenues yet I don’t know the geek language enough anymore

to move me forward.  But I do have God  and the Holy Spirit to guide me.  So no whining please.  I’ll just have peace and not get frustrated.



Time Is Precious

Posted in Journey of Art and living on May 4, 2014 by Lori Landis

It’s funny how we humans view time and how we waste it.   This journey and time are precious.  Are you aware about time?  As i enter my 70’s I’m much more aware of the breeze coming through the window and the aroma of newly cut grass.  I’m grateful for all my faculties to be able to notice the laughter of a child.

I’m grateful too for this mission God gave me of being an artist and hopefully an encourager.  What a blessing!!   please e-mail me at and let me know of how precious is YOUR time for you.  This painting is called “An Uncommitted Day”

An Uncommitted Day

24×24 acrylic

A Fun Time

Posted in Journey of Art and living on April 13, 2014 by Lori Landis
Good Boy 24x36 enamel, acrylic, chain NFS

Good Boy 24×36 enamel, acrylic, chain NFS

April 10th I was the host of a fun Yelp Elite event. Made more so by the Scottsdale Gallery Association Bone Appetit Art Walk afterward. Lindsey D. was the ringmaster of this pampered pooch event with many attendees bringing their doggie friends. Sprinkles made cute doggie cupcakes for the 4 legged attendees and made more human cupcakes. Ben and Jacks steakhouse provided yummy food with servers in attendance. Plus artist Elena did sketches of the dogs.

I was asked to give a talk which was filmed by Davin of Method Gallery. My subject was the importance to have the energy of an art piece made by hand in a person’s environment. Film coming later.

Knowing Who You Are

Posted in Journey of Art and living on March 4, 2014 by Lori Landis

It’s amazing to me how many artists come into my studio/gallery and when I ask if they are an artist many say well sort of. If you are a sort of anything does anything work for you? Many people are envious because I have owned my artist self and I can live my dream but you have to claim it. Being bold is the key. It takes guts and hard work and money. Many are not willing to take risks even to have a place for creating. So where are you? Are you looking to acknowledge and know who you are or just to be on the sidelines looking at someone else’s life?

Garden of Growth 36x24 NFS

Garden of Growth 36×24 NFS


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